Charting Ruby

What is a Leg?  Anytime someone is placed on your 1st level it marks the beginning of a new leg.  You need 3 legs to get to Ruby

What is BV (Bonus Volume)?  Bonus Volume (BV) is the point value attached to each It Works product that is the value we are paid out commission at.  Our Facial Applicators cost $49 wholesale and have been assigned 49 BV in payout.  However packages or certain products are not attached to their wholesale cost in order to hit a competitive price point or discount a package.  The Ultimate Body Applicator costs $59 and has 54 BV assigned to it.  Find all products BV assignments by clicking (HERE)

What is GV (Group Volume)?  Group Volume (GV) is the total BV for a leg or individuals complete downline.  This includes all of that persons distributors, loyal customers and their downline distributors loyal customers.

What is a Qualified Leg?  A qualified leg is a leg that has group volume that exceeds 400 BV

What is an Executive?  An Executive is the first promotion It Works offers.  To obtain an Executive promotion one needs 2 Qualified Legs. As a distributor someone is paid on 2 levels, and by graduating to Executive one is paid on 3 levels of their downline.

What is a Ruby?  A Ruby is the second promotion It Works offers.  To obtain a Ruby promotion you need a total of 3 legs, 2 qualified legs and one leg that obtains an executive promotion. (Please note that because we are offered full compression, the executive does not have to show up on your front line of the executive leg, if someone anywhere in that leg promotes to executive it counts towards your ruby promotion).  A Ruby is paid out 5 levels into their downline.